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Museum exhibits and other interactive media

Indigo has a great deal of experience developing interactive displays in museums and exhibitions.

We have a broad range of creative skills and technical understanding that can transform just about any content into a wonderful learning experience.

Indigo has designed race simulators that help explain the physics involved with driving a car at high speed and games that help children learn about recycling.

We have installations at The Royal museum of Scotland, The Science Museum in London and Islington Council's recycling centre in London.

Check out some of the projects below.

London Borough of Islington
i-recycle centre
Winner of the 2006 Valpak Awards, Best Education Project, i-recycle is Islington's interactive education centre in the heart of London. Indigo designed and developed interactive games for the centre to help children learn about recycling.

Virtual Surgery
3D sinus visualisation
Indigo is developing this interactive teaching tool with a South Australian hospital.

Museum of Scotland
Formula One racer
In this Formula 1 simulator game you can sit inside a Formula 1 car and drive through such tricky spots as the Bridge of Doom and Nessy Nook, and past such national landmarks as the Eilean Donan Castle and Ben Nevis.

Science Museum
Visitor Information System
A museum-wide visitor information and navigation system. Visitors use touch-screen displays to show what's on in the museum.

Science Museum
3D simulation of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine Printer
Indigo Projects developed a series of 3D animations of Babbage's Difference Engine No.2 Printer.

British Nuclear Fuels plc
Jumping for Power
Jumping for Power is an exhibit at BNFL's Visitor Centre in Cumbria. Children jump up and down to vote for their choice of alternative power.

Science Museum, London.
Touchdown game
The Science Museum investigates our solar system in a this exhibition "Space Detectives". In the Touchdown game you design a lander to land on another world.

Science Museum, London
The MMR Files
The MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) game was developed for a Science Museum exhibition and website all about the MMR tripple vaccination.

Chelsea FC
Chelsea World of Sport
Chelsea World of Sport is Chelsea Football Club's Visitor Centre at Stamford Bridge in London. Indigo Projects designed six touch screen stations packed with videos, photo's and facts and figures all about the history of Chelsea FC.

Science Museum, London
Fractal Garden
Fractal Garden is an hands-on exhibit for under-eights at the Science Museum's Wellcome Wing. Children plant fractal shapes and watch them grow.

Institute of Physics
'Move Over Einstein' exhibition
A touring exhibition marking the centenery of Einstein's great year of 1905.
Indigo designed two touch-screen interactive games.

East Sussex County Council
Rethink Rubbish game
The game was developed for East Sussex County Council's Rubbish Bus, a touring exhibition bus with games and activities to help children learn about recycling.

Shadow wall
Interactive projection installation
The shadow wall is being developed for children with special needs to help stimulate their audio perception and develop their coordination skills.